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the goddess' champion by scarfprincess the goddess' champion by scarfprincess

This was supposed to be a cute little celebratory sketch thing for my OC's birthday which was on 12/21/12 ehehe but it turned out to be a lot more work than I thought, whoops! So I guess it also doubles as a New Year's present to all of you, too c:
The coloring technique in this picture is absolutely gorgeous, particularly on the metal items as well as the skin, in my opinion. I adore the colors on her face--the almost freckled way they turned out beneath her eyes in particular.

While I also think that the foreshortening you did on the sword , on her left arm and shoulder and her legs is fantastic, I think that only real shortcoming of this piece is in two tiny aspects which seem to--with a dramatic perspective like this one--make more of an impact than they otherwise would.

1. Particularly, her away-facing arm looks too narrow/small/angular because the shading on that arm also seems to suggest that it is pointed more up than away. I think that the easiest fix for this would be to alter the shading so that there is some on the outward elbow so that it isn't fighting the light source, which seems to be coming from below and ahead. Because the shadows on that arm are on the underside, it fights everything else and it is that which makes it appear incongruous.

2. The only other aspect that I feel my eyes being drawn to is her hair. Because her right eye is slightly wider than her left and due to the angle of her nose and chin, I am led to believe that her face is pointed downward and slightly to her left. However, the way that the beds bow out on the left side of her hair moreso than they do on the right, makes it seem when I cover her face with my thumb that the angle would be down and to the left, instead. Of course the momentum of her actions can cause her hair to sway out, and I like that effect, but because of the way the beads are laying it does not appear that this is the case.

Despite these small issues, however, I found this piece enchanting and gorgeous, as well as impressive, since an action pose including foreshortening is never easy, and the lighting effect and mood that you've managed here is, overall, incredibly beautiful.

Thanks for sharing! C:
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Caipie Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Wow, this came out really well.
Daimera Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Wow, that turned out really nice!

Only real crit I can see would be on the sword foreshortening lookin' a bit wonky, but seriously fuck sword foreshortening it's such a bitch and a half. The suggestion to just "try to find sword references" is way easier said than done when it comes to actual useful perspective shots. I used to do it with the old World of Warcraft model-viewer, just taking a random simple sword close to the style I wanted and arranging it so it was pointing in whatever direction I needed an angle on... but I'm not sure if there are any other (free) programs that would have props like that to be positioned and viewed in 3D-space. >_< DAZ Studio has a katana, that's about it...
scarfprincess Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ahhhh thanks so much! that's a really good idea, maybe i'll derp around in a bunch of my games and see if that has the same effect ;u;
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January 2, 2013
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